Justice for Maynard and other public figures in Internet Land!

What a week it’s been in the world of the internet…..

I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet, mainly because I am writing out of outrage, anger, confusion and a little bit of hunger.

Following the drama behind Zoella’s advent calendar, more negative light was shown on her. Tweets from Zoe’s page were revealed. Tweets of the offensive kind. Homophobic language and fat shaming were included in these, now deleted, tweets. Zoe used words such as “slut”, “tramp” and “fat skank”. Referring to TV shows, she tweeted what she was thinking at that exact time. Like a lot of us do.

Want to know something else shocking? Here goes…. these tweets were….. 9 YEARS AGO!!! SHE WAS A YOUNG TEENAGER!!! Oh wait, these weren’t yesterday? You mean, she probably doesn’t have these views at all anymore? Oh….

This is not a blog post to bash anyone. This is to tell anyone reading to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

Jack Maynard, another Youtuber, left/ was axed from ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!’.

Before I say anymore on him, I am not a viewer of his. I met his brother once at an event (there’s a blog post on that) but I can’t say that affects my opinion at all… not even a little.

Anyway, he left the show because of tweets sourced from when he was a teenager, 15, 16 years old. He’s like 22 now? I can’t bare to google him because all of the utter bollocks that comes up for this poor guy. So, he said some bad words in some tweets- racist and homophobic related. Although, I don’t know if homophobic is used in the right context in this case. Yes, he used the word ‘Gay.’ But as slang…. Let me stop you there… I am in no way condoning misuse of these types of words. They should never be used to insult anyone, ever. In a perfect world these words would not even exist, no one would be labelled as anything; gay, straight, bi would not exist. We would just be humans… oh wait, we are humans…. well then.

Now in Britain, especially, ‘Gay’ could now be considered as a slang word. People use it in all sorts of context. Does this make it right? No. Have I done it? Yes. Am I stupid to admit that? Probably. But I reckon a lot of you have done it as well and never once thought: ‘I’m gonna say this because I disagree with that lifestyle.’-  If you have done that then go away and educate yourself and accept love for love. If you’ve seen the latest on Stormzy’s tweets then that is a good example homophobic tweets. I love Stormzy’s music and I genuinely believe he has changed his ways… Again, these tweets were years ago.  I’m starting to think Twitter shouldn’t be a thing now.

Jack also used the ‘n’ word. In a few tweets. Yes, this was wrong. But again, he was a 16-year-old kid. No one caring what he said because he wasn’t anybody back then. He used it to reference his friends, something about being with his ‘n’ word in Nandos about to have lunch. Now I can just imagine 16 year old boys at Nandos thinking they are hot shit and laughing over it and probably all tweeted it at the same time. Does this excuse using that kind of language? Absolutely not. Does it make him racist? I honestly don’t think so. If he was genuinely racist at that age, don’t you think he would remember that and delete his tweet when he started to get Youtube and social media attention? This is his job people! Same goes for Zoe. They made mistakes, they were kids. The only difference is, with them, there is genuinely a loser at home who sits on twitter and scrolls through their page until they find something incriminating. Only to ruin a chapter in someone’s life and for what? 5 minutes of fame? Did you even get fame? Money? The sun bought those tweets, so they probably paid you a few notes and McDonald’s vouchers. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The internet has gone mental you guys. People are literally digging up hard evidence from public figures in order to paint them in a disturbing light. I do not agree with this. What if we all admit the bad things we have done? Would everyone be happy if we just never carried on with our lives because of mistakes we made IN THE PAST? I really want to stress that if any of these people tweeted or whatever recently, then you would be reading a different blog post. But as a person who admittedly made and still makes mistakes, I simply cannot justify holding something against someone which they have apologised for and have never repeated since.

This world is bad enough, we should be trying to make it better. Not pull each other down.

Just chill.

Well… that wasn’t short and sweet at all….

Much love xxxx

Where Zoella and other social media entrepreneurs went a bit wrong

THAT advent calendar…

Image from: Cosmopolotin.com 

Okay, first and foremost, let me make it clear. I am in no way ‘bashing’ Zoe Sugg. I am actually subscribed to her bubbly and inspirational channel and I have and always will admire her for her YouTube and businesswoman journey. So I was amazed to see so many tweets criticising her and her new product in her lifestyle range: Zoella Lifestyle. If you have no idea what I am talking about then here is a quick brief: Zoe announced she is releasing a 12 day advent calendar. Here’s the description from Boots.com:
This individually designed collection will brighten and accessorise your home and life. Discover 12 amazing and exclusive treats, from beautifully scented candles to stunning accessories, stationery, baking goodies and other special surprises.

Read more at http://www.boots.com/zoella-12-days-of-christmas-advent-calendar-10235552#feUUVe2rc1mzj0Ku.99

Unlike this description, the internets’ reaction was not so positive when they saw the hefty price tag. Yes, you can stop wiping your screens. It is in fact, £50. Let me take this moment to remind you, I am not trying to paint Zoe in a negative light. What I am about to say (type) is strictly my own opinion on this certain item…. Ready…. Okay….

It’s too expensive. There.

These items would never add up to £50 if you were to buy them from your local shop. You are essentially paying for her name and brand. Now, do I think Zoe was in her design meeting and said; “Yes, good. Now let’s charge £50 for these small things because my viewers will buy anything with my logo and the word ‘Xmas’ on it!”? No. Of course not. In fact, I don’t think Zoe estimated the price at all. I expect the marketing side of her projects did that. But I obviously cannot say if she argued that it was too expensive.

Let’s face it. Majority of Zoe’s viewers are young girls and boys who aspire to be like Zoe. Buying her range makes them feel closer to her and that they are showing their support in the best way, next to watching her videos. The thought of getting new items picked by Zoe, herself, for 12 days in a row would absolutely appeal to them. Who could blame them? They will naturally go to their parents and ask for more pocket-money so they can buy the calendar. They’re begging their parents to buy them online at this very moment, in fear it will sell out. It’s like me whenever Kim Kardashian West comes out with something. I WANT IT NOW!

Sidenote: I personally love her contour kits. Powder and sticks.

With this in mind, Zoe made a mistake. She should have known and recognised that majority of her viewers would not be able to afford this. It also crossed my mind that parents may not understand the type of love viewers have for their favourite YouTubers. Majority of the time, they can do no wrong. As a result, the rationale parents who say ‘no’ then become the bad guys. We’ve all been there.

This leads me on to discuss: Is Zoe the only YouTuber to have expected more from her viewers, financially? Absolutely not. In fact, I would say majority of the big named YouTubers do sell merchandise, items or whatever you want to call them at ridiculous prices. My problem with this is NOT that they sell them at these prices or at all. My problem is, when they act oblivious to the pricing. Even when they are promoting an object through advertising or because they genuinely like it. It’s okay to say; “Yeah it’s on the pricey side, but I really like it.” We know you guys make a lot of money, we, the viewers, are the MAIN source of your income. Remember when you started and you would buy things from high street shops or find dupes for high-end items? Keep some of that originality because we are not getting rich with you. If you are, then please send some tips my way! From what I can remember Zoe does usually state when things are over a certain price mark, so this statement might not apply to her. It’s still true for others though.

These YouTubers and bloggers have every single right to buy whatever they want. I am not disputing that. If I had their income I would probably buy the same things, because I would have the money to do so. If someone asked me to advertise something in exchange for a fee, then yes I would. If I truly believed in the product. There is nothing worse than being lured into an Ad and find the product is awful and be out-of-pocket. I lose trust in any social media mogul when that happens. Why should I spend time on supporting you if you do not support me, any longer. That’s how it looks and feels.

I understand that Zoe would ideally and should make profit. I’m not denying she works hard and has done well to stay out of ‘YouTube drama’. But, this was a mistake on her part. She should have stood her ground and said it’s too much money or forget the idea completely. Her viewers would have bought a 25 day chocolate calendar at the end of the day. Because they want to support her.

As a result of all the opinions, Boots have cut down the price by 50%. So they should. So does this prove it could have been £25 in the first place? I’ll let you decide on that one. Does Zoe owe an explanation to her viewers on why this all might have happened in the first place? No.

Come on guys, you can’t stay mad at that face!

What do you guys think? Or does anyone REALLY care? Ha!

Much love xxxx

Want To Talk?

Three simple words. Can be said to a family member, a friend or even a stranger.


Yesterday I finished watching ’13 Reasons Why’. A series created by Netflix. WARNING: This post will definitely provide spoilers. So if you haven’t finished it, go do it! If you haven’t even started it! GO DO IT!!

After I finished the series, I was in shock. I had the usual mental breakdown when I realised another series I was obsessed with was finished and I would have to find a new one. After that, I had to process what I had watched and most importantly: What I had learned. The series explores how the actions of others can affect someone. Even to the most darkest extreme.

We meet Hannah. The teenage girl who decided to end her life after a string of forms of abuse from her school peers. Some, whom she once considered as friends. She leaves 13 tapes, each one is a reason of why she decided to end her life.  Each reason is a person with an act that is a form of bullying. Whether the person saw it as that or not. It starts of with a picture of Hannah spread round the school, she has girls spreading rumours about her and slut shaming her. She has the boys groping and objectifying her. At this point, Hannah has no choice but to realise the school is against her. All except one boy: Clay.

Sidenote: And Tony, but we don’t see much communication between them two.

Clay is someone she can use to escape from the abuse. He doesn’t judge her based on what people say or write. He is her friend because he wants to be. He falls in love with her, simply because she is herself. However, he has no idea what she is really feeling or even what is really happening to her. On reflection, this is both of their faults. Clay never properly asks her how she is or if she wants to talk. he thinks it’s better to ignore it, because that’s probably what she wants. Hannah never approaches him and tells him something is wrong and she needs help. In fact, Hannah never really asks anyone for help. Maybe because she thinks no one cares? Because the school is already against her? Even her teachers seem to have a lack of education on how to handle these type of situations. When Hannah anonymously admits to her teacher she is under the impression that perhaps she would feel better if she did not feel anything at all i.e. End her life. The teacher then allows the class to suspect someone wrote it for attention!!!!! The sad thing is, some of my teachers when I was in school did this. They would class suicide as ‘silly’ and ‘selfish’. We were never sat down and spoken to properly. Never given information on who we can talk to. Not even how to handle a situation if we think a friend is in danger of self harm. 


Now, I’ve been incredibly lucky in my life. I have never been bullied, I have never suffered from depression, I have never felt the need to seek professional help and I have never had a suicidal thought. Like I said, I have been incredibly lucky and I will never take that for granted. Despite all of this, the reality of the number of people that do go through all of the above is astronomical. Especially in teens and young adulthood. Nowadays, people are at more risk of cyber bullying than any of the more ‘traditional’ types of bullying. This especially saddens me, as a lover of technology and social media, it upsets me to think people use these platforms to bring other people down. I’ve seen some horrific things that have been written by some people. Some have threatened to rape the person they are targeting, some have threatened to kill. Some even tell the person to kill themselves so that ‘the world can be a better place.’ WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! What would drive someone to write things like these?

I actually had a conversation with my hairdresser about cyber bullying. It all started when we were discussing the petition Katie Price was asking her followers to sign. Simply to make cyber bullying a legal offence. First of, we were amazed nothing had been done about it sooner. Secondly, we both discussed why people would want to attack others like this. Yes, cyber bullying is done in schools and it is a way to keep the bullying going on once the victim goes home. Which totally destroys any sense of safety the victim has. However, a lot of the time, cyber bullying is done to people the bully does not know themselves. So they bully someone and send abuse to someone they have never met. Now to you or me, that may seem outrageous and pathetic. The same way we would view ‘regular’ bullying.  How can you put down somebody you don’t even know? Let alone, at all? I could never watch a video or read someone status on Facebook and decide to write a comment telling them what a horrible person they are and they should do us all a favour. Not on a Youtubers video or a friends comment. I just could not do it. So is it something you’re born with? Or is it naivety?

’13 Reasons Why’ explores different characters and their own personal impact on Hannah and her journey to end her own life. Out of all the tape victims, I would say there is only one pure evil out of all of them. You know who I mean… Ep 9 and 12. The rest of them? They look like confused kids with their own stuff going on who ended up blaming Hannah for their own mistakes. Why her? Well, have you ever heard the expression: We take our anger out on those who we know will forgive us? I reckon that’s a contributing factor in this case. Amongst other things… *ahem*.. being a jerk. But does that make it okay? Absolutely not.

So, how can we stop something like cyber bullying, for example? Unfortunately that remains to be seen. Although there are thousands of charities and helplines, the cyber bullying will continue as long as there is someone with a computer and willing to write these things. But what we can do, as individuals, is to simply not take part. Ignore it. Don’t even try and stand up for the person as you may become a victim yourself. The less attention the bully is given the less enjoyment they get out of it. If you know the person who is being bullied, offer a friendly face to talk to. Ask them if they want help setting up a new account and they only add friends who they trust. Just letting the person know you have seen it and care about their well being as a result, will make a lot of difference.

Sidenote: If you are currently bullying someone in any way and proud of it, you can go ahead and leave this blog.

’13 Reasons Why’ does not shy away from making the audience feel uncomfortable. In my opinion it is because the topic it explores itself is uncomfortable. As a result, we do not talk about it enough. But, no one should be blamed for that. It is not your fault if it never crossed your mind or you would rather just not talk about it. It means you would rather believe it doesn’t happen. Please do not take this as you do not care. Because that’s not true. If you watched the series and were affected in any way, it means you care. If you hear a story or see something and feel something. It means you care. During the series, we see that Hannah witnessed a rape. Bryce decided to take advantage of a drunk and passed out Jessica. Locked himself in her bedroom with her and raped her. During this Hannah was in the closet scared and frozen. Jessica’s boyfriend Justin was downstairs waiting for it to be done. He felt he owed Bryce for looking out for him in the past, so he let him get on with it. Now, this is where it gets tricky for me. Are Hannah and Justin at fault? My answer: YES. Justin decided his best friends sick pleasure was more important than his girlfriends safety and wellbeing. Not only did Justin let it happen, but he did not tell anyone. It didn’t necessarily have to be him who stopped it. It could have been a group of guys that broke down the door and saved Jessica. I know, I was close enough to even attempting to save her myself. Fully aware that it’s a TV show!!! As for Hannah, she evidently did what other people did to her when she was suffering. She let it happen. Don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that in that situation you would be frightened, you would freeze and you would fear that maybe the attacker would start on you. I understand that. But let’s reflect on this like it were any other situation, not just rape. To do nothing, is just as bad as doing the abuse yourself. Even if you do nothing at the time, you can still do something after. Tell someone you can trust. Speak to the victim themselves and let them know you will help them in any way you can. You owe them that much. Unfortunately, later on in the series, Bryce decided Hannah is his next victim. He rapes her at his house party. Let me make this clear, despite Hannah not helping Jessica, Hannah SHOULD NOT have been raped. Not by Bryce, not by anyone. This was not karma, this was not a punishment. This was Hannah becoming a victim again at someone else’s hands. Nobody should ever ‘deserve’ to be abused like that. But, is it possible Hannah thinks she deserved it? Probably. Maybe why she could never say the words out loud before she decided to end her life.

Whilst I have you here, let me say this. If you are ever with someone in a sexual environment and you feel like you need to force yourself on them a little bit or ‘convince’ them to carry on. That is rape. If you feel your partner is hesitant or that they may want to move and you keep going. That is rape. If your partner tells you to ‘hang on a sec’ or tells you they have changed their mind and you continue to undress them and end up having to pin them down. That is rape. If they say “no” and you pretend not to hear. THAT IS RAPE. It is never okay. It is never a mistake. It is abuse. It is violating someone. It is wrong. How dare you try to strip that person of their humanity. You have the choice in what type of person you become. Do not become that person. It is not something that can or should be brushed under the carpet.


If you feel you have been or are being bullied. I strongly urge you to speak to someone you can trust. There may be times you do not get the answer you want, but that does not necessarily mean that it’s the wrong one. I understand that ’13 Reasons Why’ may put you off speaking to your counsellor, for example. But the series was not trying to suggest all counsellors are a bit…. well…. shit. I believe it was simply to suggest that it’s not just teenagers/ young people who can handle these type of situations in the wrong manner. Like I said before, some of us just like to believe this type of behaviour simply does not exist. If you feel you can’t rely on anyone with your fears and wants to cause yourself harm or even thoughts or urges to commit suicide, contact your nearest helpline. A simple google search could change your life.

I’m sorry if you were reading this and expecting some type of review singing the teams praises on creating this series and it all be nice and cheerful. Or that I would come up with some deep message that would stop all bullies.

The whole point of this blog post was to show ’13 Reasons Why’ has the power to affect all types of people. Not just victims of bullying and assault, but also the bullies themselves. Maybe give them an insight on what their actions can really do to someone. As well as, people like me. Who have been lucky enough to not experience anything like this. Allow me to get deep here: I am aware that anything could happen. I could meet someone and they could change my life for the worse, but at least I now know what my true opinion is on these matters. Hopefully that has given me the strength to handle it in a safe manner and to also help those whom I think may need it. The world is already becoming MORE of a frightening place. We, as humans, need to come together and show support.

Remember: Want To Talk? Three words that could save someones life.

Be safe people. You are worth everything.




Much love xxxxxx

P.s. If you ever need some support or want to talk to someone please look up your local helpline and change the course of your life.

I’m Being Bullied: http://www.stompoutbullying.org/index.php/information-and-resources/


Am I suicidal? : http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Suicide/Pages/Introduction.aspx

UK Samaritans: http://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help-you/what-speak-us-about/i-want-kill-myself?gclid=CjwKEAjwz9HHBRDbopLGh-afzB4SJABY52oFJwCdOIOgRY0lZ4YRkMa8sOBR-lKcXu4RV-OJEOdGzBoCQSjw_wcB 

US Text Helpline: http://www.crisistextline.org/

Worldwide List of Helpline: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines

Celebrity 5 Minute Make Up Challenge!

Hey there!

So it’s not common knowledge that I started a Youtube channel and then never touched it! I know it’s not common knowledge because of my lack of views on my existing videos and the fact I have one subscriber! (Hey homie!)

So I decided to have a fresh start and come up with an original idea, which is almost impossible these days! But I managed!

Here is the Celebrity 5 Minute Make Up Challenge! I chose Lady Gaga’s blue make up look from the Grammy Awards in 2017! This was so fun to do!



It would mean the world to me if you could give the video a watch and maybe even give it a cheeky like and/ or subscribe… or whatever, you know. It’s cool. ahem.


Much Love xxxx

Wanna Be A Bad Bitch?


Bebe Rexha is a prime example of a bad bitch. Started out as a young girl from Brooklyn who dreamed to be a bad ass performer. It is only now that her talent is being shared worldwide with her ‘half release’ of her new album: All Your Fault (Part 1).

I’ve been a fan of Bebe’s since I heard ‘Hey Mama’ by David Guetta. Her part in the song was the main reason I downloaded it in the first place. Bebe gained more fame when she was featured on G- Eazy’s song: Me, Myself and I. That song would have been played at least ten times a day by every single radio station. Then she hosted the MTV awards last year and absolutely killed it! Suddenly everyone was like “Oh, who’s that? She’s cool.” ER, YEAH SHE IS!

Anyway, back to the album. LISTEN TO IT! I knew I was going to buy it when she released ‘I Got You’. That song immediately became my anthem to life! That song makes me want to put on high thighs, get a wind machine and grind on the air till the sun comes up. You know when you listen to music and you keep skipping every song because you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for? This is the song that I never skip! I am always in the mood for this song!

‘Bad Bitch ‘(refer to title), will legit make you feel like a Bad Bitch. It’s empowering and makes you feel sexy. The chorus will be stuck in your head for hours after listening to it. I know there are times when I need to be reminded to

‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Gateway Drug’ are also some of my favourites on the album. I honestly don’t dislike any of the songs on this album and am very excited to listen to Part 2!



Much Love xxxx



Why Being Single On V- Day Is Amazing

Feeling low now that Valentines Day is coming up? Wishing you had found that special someone? Looking at those Valentines cards and gifts and imagining what you would get/ want to get? Well stop it. Because being single on Valentines Day is pretty cool.

Don’t get me wrong. I have found myself in the position of being a bit down on the 14th. I remember one proper ‘Bridget Jones moment’ when it was really cold and I was waiting for the bus home. I then see a couple across the road from me, the girl had a huge bouquet of flowers and the boyfriend had his arm wrapped round her to keep her warm. Both had unbelievably stupid grins on their loved up faces. All I had to look forward to was my peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky I left on my bedside table…

I think as I got older, being single on Valentines bothered me less and less. It just occurred to me one day: What is the fucking point? It’s not going to change my situation and it will just cause me to waste the day being miserable and questioning what I’ve been doing with my time. I mean, how cliché is that? If we’re single on Valentines Day, then does that mean we have to stand to the side? Only couples are allowed to sit in the restaurants or go to the cinema or just simply think to themselves: “Go. Me”.


If you’re single, say to yourself: “Hey, I did a lot for myself this year. I went to work/ school every day. I took an epic selfie or a scenic picture which a lot of people liked on Instagram….”. Just basically anything you can think of that made you genuinely happy, that didn’t involve having a partner. Those are some of the things that make me happy anyway. Let’s not forget that Valentines Day is not just for couples, remember when you were a kid and your school would let you make cards? Who did you address them to? You would write them for you family or your best friend. Why has that stopped? We should still send cards to those people, as they are the most important ones. I’ll admit it is hard to find a platonic valentines card though. Why do they all have those poems addressing undying and intimate love? Would you actually say stuff like that to someone over your full english brekkie?

Wait, you would? Wow.

Now, this V-Day falls on a Tuesday. So that means a lot of us singletons may just decide to go home from work, shower, eat and Netflix and sleep. It’ll be like V-day isn’t even a thing. However if you do wish to celebrate love day, then do it. Go for a meal with some friends and GET DESSERT! Buy some underwear for yourself. Underwear isn’t only for showing someone else. I love that feeling of matching underwear under my clothes. It’s like your keeping a secret from everyone… a sexy secret! Go clubbing or to a bar! Nothing better than being tipsy on the 14th February… Trust me! Go see the Fifty Shades film- I am fully aware majority of singles will be doing this. I will not. I actually admire the people who can sit through the film and not think; “Wow! I paid £8 to see this! With an additional £10000000 for the popcorn and coke zero I bought as well!!!!”. The first one was awful, I have no hope for the others. But whatever makes you happy….

I, personally, will be treating myself to TWO Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks: Valentine and Pillow Talk. Her Valentine themed lipsticks. I’ll then be wearing my new pink underwear set I recently bought from Forever 21, stare at myself in the mirror, whilst eating a Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky. All whilst thinking: “Go.Me.”.

JOKING! Or am I…?

Let me make this clear, this is not a post to bash couples. I’m certainly not one to judge or say that I’m better than you. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS! I’m just reaching out to the people who are in the same situation as me… as in… no situation at all! Although, singletons seemed to be more empowered than they were before when it comes to Valentines. However, I still hear some of my friends moan about the day coming up. Even radio presenters are saying how much they ‘dread’ the day. I say, no more! Embrace your independent life. Because if we are meant to find that special someone, our Valentines Days will be completely different, when we do.

Enjoy, no matter what you are doing!!!! ❤

Much love xxxxx




Adele and Beyoncé

This morning I woke up to mountains of tweets all about Adele’s speech at the The 59th Grammy’s award ceremony. This included short videos, meme’s and just simple tweets stating what “a boss” Adele is. After reading, I’d say, five or so tweets I inevitably watched her acceptance speech for Album Of The Year. If you haven’t already, or just want to watch it again (for 70th time) go for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Qtsn16p-o

“But I can’t possibly accept this award…. My artist of my life is Beyoncé…”

First of, Wow. Now the world is taken aback from Adele’s speech on that stage and for all the right reasons. For another artist to stand there on one of the most prestigious stages in front of a crowd of incredibly talented artists and basically say she shouldn’t have won is an ultimate act of bravery and pure kindness. I don’t even think Adele thought she would win for her album 25 in the first place. When they announced her album name she looked completely shocked and looked as if she was trying to think of an acceptance speech in her head as she walked onto the stage and started greeting everyone when she approached the microphone.

Besides dedicating her speech to Beyoncé and singing her praises for the album Lemonade, Adele revealed to the audience and everyone watching at home the struggles of being a parent.

“I still do struggle being a mum, it’s really hard.”

Here we have an amazing singer who has won numerous awards and touched the lives of many. She has, what a lot of people would consider, everything. But, she is still human, she still needs to make decisions of her own that will have later consequences. After all, money and fame cannot guarantee a happy, safe and healthy childhood for their offspring. To announce to the world that she still struggles can give new hope to many mothers out there. You are not the only one!

Now, back to Beyoncé. I will be the first to admit that I thought Lemonade would win Album Of The Year. She laid out her true feelings and some little details about what really happened with Jay Z’s affair. I continue to listen to every song as if it were the first time I heard them. There is not and never will be an album like it. But that isn’t to say Adele shouldn’t have won. 25 is the album everyone wanted from Adele after her, what felt like forever, break. Every song told a story and well… it’s Adele!

She showed how truly humble she is by standing there and telling the world Beyoncé’s album and her message is more deserving of the Grammy. She was given an allotted time to say her Thank You’s and talk about how hard she worked on 25 and she’s so glad people recognise that, instead she directly spoke to Beyoncé and told her what effect she has on herself, women she knows and women around the world. Women who have learned to stand up for themselves mainly because of Beyonce herself. Which, right now especially, is a message women need to be reminded of as much as they can be.

This act is not only an act of true kindness but it is also a message to women around the world. Support one another. Yes, be happy about your own accomplishments, but do not forget to celebrate the other ones around you. Just because they weren’t awarded in that moment of time does not mean they mean any less.

Album Of The Year at The 59th Grammy’s will not only be remembered as Adele’s win, but will also be remembered as two women from completely different backgrounds celebrating each other.

As well as Adele pulling a Cady from Mean Girls and breaking her Grammy to give some to Beyoncé…. This woman can really think on her feet!

Time for a duet from these women or what?!


Much Love xxxx