Why Being Single On V- Day Is Amazing

Feeling low now that Valentines Day is coming up? Wishing you had found that special someone? Looking at those Valentines cards and gifts and imagining what you would get/ want to get? Well stop it. Because being single on Valentines Day is pretty cool.

Don’t get me wrong. I have found myself in the position of being a bit down on the 14th. I remember one proper ‘Bridget Jones moment’ when it was really cold and I was waiting for the bus home. I then see a couple across the road from me, the girl had a huge bouquet of flowers and the boyfriend had his arm wrapped round her to keep her warm. Both had unbelievably stupid grins on their loved up faces. All I had to look forward to was my peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky I left on my bedside table…

I think as I got older, being single on Valentines bothered me less and less. It just occurred to me one day: What is the fucking point? It’s not going to change my situation and it will just cause me to waste the day being miserable and questioning what I’ve been doing with my time. I mean, how cliché is that? If we’re single on Valentines Day, then does that mean we have to stand to the side? Only couples are allowed to sit in the restaurants or go to the cinema or just simply think to themselves: “Go. Me”.


If you’re single, say to yourself: “Hey, I did a lot for myself this year. I went to work/ school every day. I took an epic selfie or a scenic picture which a lot of people liked on Instagram….”. Just basically anything you can think of that made you genuinely happy, that didn’t involve having a partner. Those are some of the things that make me happy anyway. Let’s not forget that Valentines Day is not just for couples, remember when you were a kid and your school would let you make cards? Who did you address them to? You would write them for you family or your best friend. Why has that stopped? We should still send cards to those people, as they are the most important ones. I’ll admit it is hard to find a platonic valentines card though. Why do they all have those poems addressing undying and intimate love? Would you actually say stuff like that to someone over your full english brekkie?

Wait, you would? Wow.

Now, this V-Day falls on a Tuesday. So that means a lot of us singletons may just decide to go home from work, shower, eat and Netflix and sleep. It’ll be like V-day isn’t even a thing. However if you do wish to celebrate love day, then do it. Go for a meal with some friends and GET DESSERT! Buy some underwear for yourself. Underwear isn’t only for showing someone else. I love that feeling of matching underwear under my clothes. It’s like your keeping a secret from everyone… a sexy secret! Go clubbing or to a bar! Nothing better than being tipsy on the 14th February… Trust me! Go see the Fifty Shades film- I am fully aware majority of singles will be doing this. I will not. I actually admire the people who can sit through the film and not think; “Wow! I paid £8 to see this! With an additional £10000000 for the popcorn and coke zero I bought as well!!!!”. The first one was awful, I have no hope for the others. But whatever makes you happy….

I, personally, will be treating myself to TWO Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks: Valentine and Pillow Talk. Her Valentine themed lipsticks. I’ll then be wearing my new pink underwear set I recently bought from Forever 21, stare at myself in the mirror, whilst eating a Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky. All whilst thinking: “Go.Me.”.

JOKING! Or am I…?

Let me make this clear, this is not a post to bash couples. I’m certainly not one to judge or say that I’m better than you. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS! I’m just reaching out to the people who are in the same situation as me… as in… no situation at all! Although, singletons seemed to be more empowered than they were before when it comes to Valentines. However, I still hear some of my friends moan about the day coming up. Even radio presenters are saying how much they ‘dread’ the day. I say, no more! Embrace your independent life. Because if we are meant to find that special someone, our Valentines Days will be completely different, when we do.

Enjoy, no matter what you are doing!!!! ❤

Much love xxxxx





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