Adele and Beyoncé

This morning I woke up to mountains of tweets all about Adele’s speech at the The 59th Grammy’s award ceremony. This included short videos, meme’s and just simple tweets stating what “a boss” Adele is. After reading, I’d say, five or so tweets I inevitably watched her acceptance speech for Album Of The Year. If you haven’t already, or just want to watch it again (for 70th time) go for it:

“But I can’t possibly accept this award…. My artist of my life is Beyoncé…”

First of, Wow. Now the world is taken aback from Adele’s speech on that stage and for all the right reasons. For another artist to stand there on one of the most prestigious stages in front of a crowd of incredibly talented artists and basically say she shouldn’t have won is an ultimate act of bravery and pure kindness. I don’t even think Adele thought she would win for her album 25 in the first place. When they announced her album name she looked completely shocked and looked as if she was trying to think of an acceptance speech in her head as she walked onto the stage and started greeting everyone when she approached the microphone.

Besides dedicating her speech to Beyoncé and singing her praises for the album Lemonade, Adele revealed to the audience and everyone watching at home the struggles of being a parent.

“I still do struggle being a mum, it’s really hard.”

Here we have an amazing singer who has won numerous awards and touched the lives of many. She has, what a lot of people would consider, everything. But, she is still human, she still needs to make decisions of her own that will have later consequences. After all, money and fame cannot guarantee a happy, safe and healthy childhood for their offspring. To announce to the world that she still struggles can give new hope to many mothers out there. You are not the only one!

Now, back to Beyoncé. I will be the first to admit that I thought Lemonade would win Album Of The Year. She laid out her true feelings and some little details about what really happened with Jay Z’s affair. I continue to listen to every song as if it were the first time I heard them. There is not and never will be an album like it. But that isn’t to say Adele shouldn’t have won. 25 is the album everyone wanted from Adele after her, what felt like forever, break. Every song told a story and well… it’s Adele!

She showed how truly humble she is by standing there and telling the world Beyoncé’s album and her message is more deserving of the Grammy. She was given an allotted time to say her Thank You’s and talk about how hard she worked on 25 and she’s so glad people recognise that, instead she directly spoke to Beyoncé and told her what effect she has on herself, women she knows and women around the world. Women who have learned to stand up for themselves mainly because of Beyonce herself. Which, right now especially, is a message women need to be reminded of as much as they can be.

This act is not only an act of true kindness but it is also a message to women around the world. Support one another. Yes, be happy about your own accomplishments, but do not forget to celebrate the other ones around you. Just because they weren’t awarded in that moment of time does not mean they mean any less.

Album Of The Year at The 59th Grammy’s will not only be remembered as Adele’s win, but will also be remembered as two women from completely different backgrounds celebrating each other.

As well as Adele pulling a Cady from Mean Girls and breaking her Grammy to give some to Beyoncé…. This woman can really think on her feet!

Time for a duet from these women or what?!


Much Love xxxx


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