‘Are You Sure?’ Launch

Just before New Years I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw A LOT of fuss about a new song called: ‘Are You Sure?’. The song was being released in two days from the first tweet and ‘Twit Fans’ (I just made that up) were very excited. If you don’t know the song, Kris Kross Amsterdam collaborated with UK singer Conor Maynard and American rapper Ty Dolla Sign and created one hell of a song. This tune will be stuck in your head all day. You learn the chorus within seconds…. making it a lot more tempting to sing along the second time you listen to it in a row… Trust me, you will listen to it a second time in a row, if not a third, fourth and even a fifth! Have a listen:


The day it was released, it was on my Spotify playlist, my i-tunes and in my head for basically the whole day- making it really difficult to listen to anyone trying to start a conversation. Also now anytime I say: “Are you sure?” to a friend my brain starts playing the beat. Therefore the problem they came to me in the first place basically falls out of my head. If you want to know more on my opinion on this song, have a look at my YouTube channel- 2016 Favourites 😉 


Can we all just take a moment to laugh at my sham of a channel by the way!

Before I get into how someone like me got into the launch of this song, let me tell you what I already knew before I heard this song. I already knew of the three artists and love their music. Conor Maynard first came out with his song ‘Turn Around’ and from what I can remember, he disappeared after that. That’s how it was for me, don’t come at me Maynard fans with ‘Conor History 101’.

 It was only a few months ago a friend recommended his YouTube channel to me because he does pretty awesome covers. Through that I found some more of his original songs. 

 Kris Kross Amsterdam is like the dutch version of Calvin Harris and David Guetta, but there’s three of them. Brothers: Jordy and Sander Huisman and Yuki Kempees. You know the song ‘Sex’ that you always sing along too (you know you do) – that’s them!!


Finally Ty Dolla Sign… need I say more? I guarantee you have at least two songs from him on your playlist.

Anyway, one day on their twitter, Kris Kross Amsterdam said they were going to give two tickets to the launch party of the song to a lucky fan. All you had to do was tweet them a pic of the song on your Spotify playlist. Now let me make one thing clear, I never planned or expected to win. I honestly entered because I wanted to show the guys I liked their song. Once I did it, I forgot about it and went to work. The day before the launch I get a tweet from the dutch DJ telling me I won…. 

The launch was in Amsterdam, I live in London, Like I said: I didn’t actually expect to win.

 I asked my best friend if she wanted to go Amsterdam the next morning and understandably it was too short notice for her. So I brushed it off and thought ‘Okay, never mind.’ Suddenly I was so annoyed at myself. I was in a position to go and do something for awesome and be around people who wanted to celebrate the song and the artists, plus who says no to going to Amsterdam?! I was given two tickets, no questions asked and I was choosing to stay at home and watch ‘Celebrity Big Brother’… Christ. 

After a lot of contemplating and going back and forth, I decided to go… BY MYSELF!!!! So at 1am I’m there booking a flight in a few hours, hotel room, thinking about how much money I need and most importantly: WHAT TO WEAR!

After three hours of anxious sleep I left for the airport with my carry on bag. No issues with the plane, even got a nice table at Pret while I had my brekkie. Now, I come from a performance background, so you’d think I’d be okay with nerves and have some techniques on how to calm myself down… Short breathes. Imagining myself meditating by a flowing river, the breath of a unicorn blowing away my worries….WRONG! I was fucking bricking it! I have never been to a party by myself, let alone a country. I’m one of those girls who check if any of my friends need the toilet before I commit going by myself, so this was a huuuuge deal for me! Luckily this was the third time I’ve been to Amsterdam so I knew the airport and I knew the area, so there was some sort of comfort. After grabbing some dinner, going for a walk and having a nap (Yes, all BY MYSELF),  I got ready. Make up was looking okay, outfit looked good considering I didn’t try it on beforehand and brought no back up – Someone up there was looking out for me. I soon left my hotel room for the launch.

The launch was held at Curtain Club (a few doors down from my hotel). At first I had to hype myself to go into the club knowing I’d be by myself and majority, if not all, of the club would be people speaking dutch. But I had come this far so I braved it and went in. Imagine if I went all that way and got ready and spent money to go back to my room and sleep?!

Immediately I ran to the bar and basically downed my drink to give me some courage to talk to people. The club was like a huge hall, with a DJ set, seating and a bar (obvs). But there were a lot of people and the room was 1000 degrees. After 20 minutes of getting used to the area and making small talk with people, each conversation consisting of: You’re here by yourself?! Wow, that’s so cool!’ (Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself too.) I went outside to get some fresh air. Thank god for beer jackets because it was freezing outside! 

Next thing I know, I bump into Jordy Huisman… Yes… THE Jordy of Kris Kross Amsterdam. I immediately introduce myself and we have a quick chat about the night and how much I enjoy his work. He asks if I’m from London and thanks me for coming, he then suggests I introduce myself to Conor Maynard who was having a chat with some people across the road. After telling Jordy I don’t want to disturb him, he’ll have enough girls introducing themselves to him once he steps into the club, Jordy insists. Well I wasn’t going to say ‘No, ta’ was I?

I walk over, introduce myself and tell him how I knew of his work. I then tell him I’m excited to see him perform. After a quick chat, he then goes to perform and I down another drink. FYI, Desperados get me drunk fast!

The performance was amazing. They stand behind the DJ set and grab everyone’s attention. Conor starts off with two covers of songs that everyone knows: One Dance by Drake and Sex by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam- Duh! Finally he ends the trio with ‘Are You Sure?’. The whole club was singing along, cheering and dancing to every moment. The atmosphere was a 10/10.

I can’t even imagine being an artist and having all those people showing support and pure love, it must be irreplaceable for them. After the performances they thank everyone and go round the club chatting and taking photos with fans. 

I carry on drinking and did end up talking to Conor some more during the night, he really is a chilled and nice guy. Embarrassingly I chased after him as he was leaving the club to get a photo…. Urgh, should have kept it cool! We took a pouty photo and a ‘normal’ photo, just so I had some choices… Obviously I’m gonna post the pouty one.

See what I mean about those Desperados?

To be honest, the night is still kind of a blur. 30% because of alcohol, but the rest, because it pretty much happened so fast. I was in Amsterdam in less than 24 hours and partied with artists (who probably wouldn’t recognise me in a lineup) I really enjoy and have mad respect for. Like, when does that ever happen?

But most importantly, I proved something to myself. I didn’t let fear stop me from living my life and doing something that I can remember for a really long time. 

 Now that song is more than just a song I like, it’s a song that I can listen to and remember that night.

 I wish I could write something more deep and meaningful on what this experience meant to me, but I think I’m still letting it sink in. This post might seemed rushed and like not a lot of planning went into it, which is 100% true. But, when people read this I want them to think: ‘Okay, next time I get an awesome opportunity, I’m just gonna do it! Because why not?’. Yes, there is a chance you’ll regret doing it, but at least you know you went for it. The worst thing is regretting something you didn’t do, as the chance may never come up again. 

This guy will probably say it better…

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”  -Sydney J. Harris

Much love xxxx


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